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Why does your body hurts?
Because you have a shortened (tight) muscles and a longer (weak) muscles.
If you sit for a long period of time or slouch throughout the day you probably tend to hunch your shoulders and push your head forward, causing tight chest muscles and weaker upper back muscles.
In these videos you will learn to how realign your body, finding a much better way of life without aches and pains.
What happens with your body when you have postural imbalances?
Back, neck and shoulders pain - 
slumping back on the chair or slouching forward, puts strain on ligaments and muscles.
Hip Flexors (upper thigh muscles) -
shorten while sitting and pull the pelvis forward causing lower back pain.
tend to become weak what causes the low back to be under a lot of stress when sitting.
If they are tight, the lower back will cave in and it will protrude the stomach.
Knee and hip  -
crossing legs make the inner thigh tight, what rotate the femur bones leading to knee pain. Man usually faces the opposite problem where the out thighs (abductor muscles) are tight, causing sciatica.
Wrist Strain - carpal tunnel -
The median nerve is squeezed through the wrist due overuse or wrong positioning on the keyboard. 
So, after learning the cause of your ongoing suffering due to lack of movement, now it is time for you to learn how to heal your aches and have a more mobile, healthy and efficient body with these  special programs.
Choose your favorite program and let's start seeing the results .